This smart, self-contained, thermostatically controlled air conditioning unit can be installed in any room or office to create a cool and fresh environment. Waste heat is exhausted through a flexible duct to any nearby exhaust point, e.g. open window, roof void or door.

Exhaust hose extends to 2m, extensions available.

Suitable for room size of approx 50m3 (1900ft3) depending upon occupancy, exposure to sunlight and heat generating equipment (e.g. computers) within the room.

Air Conditioner Calculation:

As a general rule of thumb the cooling requirements of an average office are about 45 watts per cubic metre.

For every person working in the office add 150 watts, for electrical appliances such as computers and photocopiers add 200 watts.

E.g. an office of 50 cubic metres (2250 watts) with 2 people (300 watts) 2 computers and 1 photocopier (600 watts) would have a total cooling requirement of 3150 watts, subject to venting arrangements, types of lighting, south facing windows or other external factors.